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I am an award winning Chicago Artist, displaying and selling work for over 20 years. I have grown a local following and have many collectors with 4 or more pieces. I show every month in 1-4 galleries. I only display my new work and my collectors know the piece will not be back in that space again. If they want it, they need to purchase it on first site.


I have always been drawn to a strong use of color and texture. My paintings are bright and vibrant. They are statement pieces. They demand to be noticed. They are not for the shy, but for the brave, creative, and open minded.

I like to tell story through my work. I often listen to music while I paint. Lyrics are written on the back of many of them. Some of them are named after the music I was listening to at the time I created the painting.  My hope is that my paintings create an emotion or a vibe for the viewer. I want each viewer to connect and have their own personal reaction to the piece. I want my pieces to effect the viewer on an emotional level  - trigger memories, experiences, or dreams to reappear in their minds.

My preferred medium is acrylic paint, which allows me to work fast. Acrylics allow me to be spontaneous.  I have also been known to do watercolor paintings as well.


During lock down I did a massive water color series containing over 200 pieces of figurative work. There are four paintings in progress  in my studio at all times.



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